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Sparrow REI Indiana

Sparrow REI Indiana, operated by Tyler and Brittany DePriest, is a prominent player in the realm of real estate investing, specializing in properties within Indiana, with a notable focus on key areas such as Indianapolis and Bloomington. With a keen eye for lucrative opportunities in the bustling real estate market of Indiana, Tyler and Brittany leverage their expertise to identify prime investment prospects. Their strategic approach and deep understanding of the local market dynamics have earned them a reputation for delivering exceptional returns to investors seeking to capitalize on the diverse opportunities offered by Indiana's real estate landscape.

Meet the DePriests

Tyler and Brittany, a dynamic duo, are a testament to the power of shared passions and dreams. Tyler, a devoted husband and father, boasts a love for baseball matched only by his confidence as the "best looking member of the Sparrow family." Together with his wife Brittany, they channel their energy into serving their church and community, now extending that dedication to Sparrow. Brittany, a dental office manager, property manager for a homeowners association, and worship leader at Family Life Church, is Tyler's partner in life and business. Hailing from Bloomington, IN, a bustling real estate hub, Brittany's fascination with property began eight years ago when she and Tyler embarked on custom homebuilding. With three homes built and sold personally, they now pursue their dream of renovating distressed properties. Through Sparrow, they empower family and friends to achieve financial goals via real estate investment opportunities, all while living their dream.


Indiana Portfolio

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